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    Czech Republic
    Bosnia and Herzegovina
    North Macedonia
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    Eligible models
    Growatt MIC 750TL-X
    Growatt MIC 1000TL-X
    Growatt MIC 1500TL-X
    Growatt MIC 2000TL-X
    Growatt MIC 2500TL-X
    Growatt MIC 3000TL-X
    Growatt 3000TL3-S
    Growatt 4000TL3-S
    Growatt 5000TL3-S
    Growatt 6000TL3-S
    Growatt 7000TL3-S
    Growatt 8000TL3-S
    Growatt 9000TL3-S
    Growatt 10000TL3-S
    Growatt 11000TL3-S
    Growatt 12000TL3-S
    Growatt 13000TL3-S
    Growatt 15000TL3-S
    Growatt 17000TL3-S
    Growatt 20000TL3-S
    Growatt MOD 3000TL3-X
    Growatt MOD 4000TL3-X
    Growatt MOD 5000TL3-X
    Growatt MOD 6000TL3-X
    Growatt MOD 7000TL3-X
    Growatt MOD 8000TL3-X
    Growatt MOD 9000TL3-X
    Growatt MOD 10000TL3-X
    Growatt MOD 11000TL3-X
    Growatt MOD 12000TL3-X
    Growatt MOD 13000TL3-X
    Growatt MOD 15000TL3-X
    Growatt MID 15000 TL3-S
    Growatt 17000TL3-X
    Growatt 20000TL3-X
    Growatt 750-S
    Growatt 1000-S
    Growatt 1500-S
    Growatt 2000-S
    Growatt 2500-S
    Growatt 3000-S
    Growatt MIN 2500TL-XE
    Growatt MIN 3000TL-XE
    Growatt MIN 3600TL-XE
    Growatt MIN 4200TL-XE
    Growatt MIN 4600TL-XE
    Growatt MIN 500TL-XE
    Growatt MIN 600TL-XE
    Growatt SPA 3000TL-BL
    Growatt SPA 4000TL3-BH
    Growatt SPA 5000TL3-BH
    Growatt SPA 5000TL3-BH
    Growatt SPA 6000TL3-BH
    Growatt SPA 7000TL3-BH
    Growatt SPA 8000TL3-BH
    Growatt SPA 10000TL3-BH
    Growatt SPH 3000
    Growatt SPH 3600
    Growatt SPH 4000
    Growatt SPH 4600
    Growatt SPH 5000
    Growatt SPH 6000
    Growatt SPH 4000TL3-BH
    Growatt SPH 5000TL3-BH
    Growatt SPH 6000TL3-BH
    Growatt SPH 7000TL3-BH
    Growatt SPH 8000TL3-BH
    Growatt SPH 10000TL3-BH

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In case of any problems or question please contact

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You have successfully completed the 10 years free warranty extension. We will send you a certificate to your email. If you did not receive the certificate, please contact us: Thank you.




Serial number found, but it is not under the free warranty extension conditions:

Please check the following:

Free warranty extension is only for the specified models;

Free warranty extension only applies to the models sold after the 1st of June 2020.

Free warranty extension is only available within 12 month after it has been shipped from Growatt

Only one time warranty extension application can be made.

In case of any problems or question please contact

Inverter Free 10 years Warranty Extension terms and conditions

Dear respected customer,

Please read the below important information before you proceed.

Free warranty extension service is only valid for some models, and also only for some special countries & regions, according to Growatt marketing promotion requirement. It is only valid within180 days from inverter’s date of installation, and no more than 12 months from the date of delivery from Growatt (In Europe, it is from Growatt Netherlands sales warehouse).

The standard procedure for free 10 years online warranty extension is:

(1) Customers fill in the required information accordingly and correctly;

(2) Click on “I agree the terms & conditions”,

(3) Click “Submit” to apply, the website would feedback for the extension result. If the serial number is matching, the website would approve and generate a PDF document (name as free 10 years warranty extension certificate), for you to download and save it,or send it to your nominated email address directly. This extension certificate will specify the warranted product, extension warranty valid date and expiry date, terms and conditions, etc.

(4) Please keep this extension certificate document properly, for your future service claims.

Please note, the free extension warranty is only valid for the products installing in its original selling country. Customers are responsible to ensure all the information provided are correctly, real and effective, otherwise, Growatt is authorized not to admit service in the extension period. Especially for any incorrect product information, any incorrect end user/consumer information, incorrect installation address would void the extension warranty.

In addition, in the free warranty extension period, the service is really limited to offering a service replacement ONLY, all other claims are all excepted. Please read the below full Warranty Extension terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions.

For the inverter with this warranty card you purchased, you receive a non-transferable Growatt factory warranty valid for 10 years from the date of installation, and no more than ten and a half years from the delivery date from Growatt New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. These warranty terms & conditions are only apply for devices originally purchased from Growatt for selling and installation in the defined destination set forth in the purchase orders in the oversea market (out of China), unless there are specially stipulated.

This warranty includes all defects of design, components and manufacturing. Excluded from warranty are damages due to:

? Breaking the product seal (opening the casing) without proper approval;
? Transport damage;
? Incorrect installation or commissioning;
? Failure to observe the user manual, the installation guide, and the maintenance regulations;
? Unauthorized Modifications, changes, or attempted repairs;
? Incorrect use or inappropriate operation;
? Insufficient ventilation of the device;
? Failure to observe the applicable safety regulations;
? Force majeure (e.g., lightning, over voltage, storm, fire).

Warranty condition

If a device becomes defective during the agreed Growatt factory warranty period and provided that it will not be impossible or unreasonable, the device will be, as selected by Growatt:

? repaired by Growatt, or
? repaired on-site, or
? exchanged for a replacement device of equivalent value according to model and age.

In the latter case, the remainder of the warranty entitlement will be transferred to the replacement device. In this case, you do not receive a new certificate since your entitlement is documented at Growatt.

In the latter 5 years, Growatt have the exclusive right to determine how to carry out the remained warranty. In case Growatt provide replacement for customers, Growatt are not responsible for any other sorts of costs during the service procedure in that period, including (but not limited to) logistics fare, labor cost, any kind of compensation. Also the replacement may have a little flaw on its surface, and the warranty excludes any general defects, if inverter is still generating power to grid.

Excessiveness in the meaning above exists in particular if the cost of the measures for Growatt would be unreasonable.
? in view of the value that the device would have without the defect,
? taking into account the significance of the defect, and
? after consideration of alternative workaround possibilities that Growatt customers could revert to without significant inconvenience.

This warranty does not cover superficial or cosmetic defects, dents, marks or scratches, which do not affect the proper function of the inverter, especially for warranty replacement devices.

Due to the technological progress, the replacement part or replacement device provided may not be compatible with the system monitoring or monitoring device, or other components installed on-site. Costs incurred as a result are not part of this warranty service and will not be covered by Growatt.

Claims that go beyond the rights cited in the warranty conditions, in particular claims for compensation for direct or indirect damages, losses, arising from the defective device, for compensation for costs arising from disassembly and installation, or loss of profits are not covered by this warranty, unless Growatt is subject to statutory liability. In such cases, please contact the company that sold you the device. Possible claims in accordance with the product liability law remain unaffected.

Warranty claim procedure:

Please report the defective device to your supplier with this warranty card completed, in no later than 14 days after signs arise of a problem that might lead to a claim.

Supplier or end user is required to send the warranty claim form to Growatt or Authorized service partner with all the necessary information.

Customers must present this warranty card, inverter purchasing invoice, installation invoice or commissioning report, extension warranty card if applicable, and other related materials as well if required. It is the responsibility of the warranty holder to substantiate the warranty claim and show that the conditions are met.

Applicable Law

All claims arising from or in connection with this warranty are subject to laws of People’s Republic of China. ShenZhen, China is the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from or in connection with this warranty.

Please note Growatt reserve the ultimate explanation right on this warranty card.

Please fill in the required information below when your device is defective, scan and send it to your supplier or email your supplier with all the information

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